Artist Statement

Through many years of trial I have learnt to follow signs which at first were regarded as mistakes e.g. failure to completely realize an idea. On reflection and through experience I have consciously decided to continue down a path previously hidden from view. These periods of experimentation can yield whole new bodies of work. The new work has a freshness freedom and power which may never of existed had I continued to force myself in one direction. I imagine a sailor has comparable experiences in the way he is guided by the weather and yet can always elect to steer a course in a chosen direction.

I have had to dismantle years of training as a fine artist in order to release the performance side of my art. Freed from the manacles of formal technique I have shifted the focus from the finished work towards the physical process or performance of art. If the performance goes well the results are usually just as pleasing. Good performances require meticulous preparation. Ingredients are placed close at hand so as not to interfere with flow. It is not unusual for me to enter a pseudo-hypnotic state whist practicing this method. The product of each performance is a complete unique piece of work. There are so many variables at play during a performance that it is futile to attempt the exact replication of a canvas. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed the performances.